Studio Visit: Jean Davey Winter

We had our Studio Visit No. 3 last Saturday to the home Studio of Jean Davey Winter. Nine SoCo Artists came. This proved to be an interesting introduction to Jean's work and practice. We found out a lot about the process she goes through as she makes paintings from going up in a microlight to survey the land below to drawing with pva. Here is her response to the visit:

Thank you to members who came around last Saturday on a visit to my studio. On a very basic level it was useful motivation to clear the studio and make enough space for them to see the work. I initially felt rather apprehensive about showing work in progress - I have been working on this piece for some time - it began as a diptych, then became two separate paintings. I did consider not showing it as I still wasn't happy with it, but decided it would be a good opportunity to get some feedback.
I am glad I decided to do this as after some slight reluctance to comment - I think it's difficult for members to know how much they should say about the work, but I did specifically ask for feedback which I really found very helpful and the two paintings are now back together as a diptych.
I have responded to some of the suggestions made, but more importantly it made me look more critically and change some of the things I hadn't been sure about but was trying to's now either finished or very nearly finished..............I just need to live with it for a bit.

Jean clearly found the visit helpful and the feedback useful. Look at some photos on our SoCo Artists Facebook page.

Roz Cran will arrange another Studio Visit in February 2016.