Member Felicity Montague at Object d*epoch showroom

Felicity Montaigu - Land, Sea, Beautifully

To inaugurate the new Object d*epoch showroom/shop at 12 Courthouse Street, Hastings. OD*E present the work of Felicity Montaigu.
Over the last 20 plus years the artist Felicity Montaigu has been exploring the fine line between the land and sea.
 Her work involves recording images observed directly from landscape; in drawings, watercolors and oil studies. Her eye is drawn to where the land is mountainous, a landscape of hidden valleys and the changing seas.
Throughout the year she can be found in both the South of France, Westmoreland and more recently the seas and shores of East Anglia and Sussex.

The exhibition will contain Felicity’s vibrant oil paintings and watercolors, spanning the more recent years from early 2000 to the present.
Exhibition dates 24 July – 17 Sept 2015
OD*E opening times 11.30am to 5.30pm Friday to Monday.
12 Courthouse Street, Old Town, Hastings TN34 3AU.