Jean Davey Winter: ‘Aereality’ Hastings Arts Forum 21 April–3 May

Jean Davey Winter, SoCo committee member, has a show at the Hastings Arts Forum this month.

Preview: Friday, April 24 at 6:30 - 8:30pm

This work is an ongoing exploration of our relationship to the land, journeys and mapping. The exhibition brings together work from the past three years. Until recently all the photographs were taken from the windows of passenger aircraft, including flights over Spain, the USA and Mexico. However last autumn during a trip to the volcanic island of Lanzarote Jean was fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph from a microlight, providing a completely different experience.

These images form the starting point for a new series of mixed media pieces which will be shown alongside the photographs. Mixed media is used to convey the surface qualities of this extraordinary landscape. The work is less of a literal interpretation, more an aim to communicate something of the sense of movement and spatial ambiguity one experiences. Aerial perspective provides us with an increased awareness of the delicate balance between man and the environment, giving an overview of the marks made upon the earth’s surface by agriculture, transport and urbanisation. However in these recent photographs there is also evidence of the way in which volcanic activity has restructured the land and of man’s response to this barren environment with ingenious agricultural solutions.