Mind Mapping for Artists / Creatives, The Beacon, March 29, 2014





Mind Mapping for Artists / Creatives or anyone who would like to work more creatively, with Lawrence O'Connor, performance practitioner and facilitator.

Saturday 29 March from 10.30 - 12.30am at The Beacon

Explore the principles of Mind Mapping to harness the power of imagination and association between ideas, new and existing. Plan, think, imagine, play, draw, write, examine, remember, value, make. Be prepared to be surprised! Articulate new ideas and discover fresh approaches to developing your practice.


Rolls of paper, coloured markers, other drawing and writing equipment, as well as tea and coffee, are provided.

Hosted by SoCo Artists, costs are £5 to students with a card, £6 for SoCo Artists, £7 all others.

To book your place, please contact Sinéid Codd by 21 March by email at sineidcodd@mac.com  or phone 07866142268.

There will be 20 places max on this workshop.

Address: The Beacon, 67-68 St Mary’s Terrace Hastings TN34 3LS     www.beaconhastings.com for downloadable map


Lawrence will lead the session in two parts:


1      Bringing logic and imagination together, by looking at:


·      how the mind works with thoughts and ideas and explore our natural ability to use visual and spatial information


·      how we can connect the logical and linear parts of our ability, to harness the power of imagination and

       association, in order to synthesis information, knowledge and experience and to work on a particular project / thing


·      examples of mind maps made by different people for different purposes


Elements of storytelling / narrative will be involved in the session and Lawrence will also introduce the principles behind

Open Space Technology, a framework for self organised events.


2      Mind Maps

Everyone will work on their own Mind Map, using the principles to bring logic and imagination together and discover new connections and possibilities.