Textile with Josephine Ho, June 2008


Sunday June 22nd from 10am - 4pm
Admission Fee: Soco members: £12, non SoCo members: £15. 
This includes a light lunch 

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL Deadline for booking: June 8 th ( see booking form for full details).
Places are limited. We advise that you contact Judy Dewsbery at the Beacon 01424 431305, before sending any payment 
There will be an additional £5 charge per person on the day for materials 
(cotton, silk and dyes) 

This experimental workshop will explore traditional resist techniques on paper and cloth using hot wax, (batik) and Japanese Shibori (meaning to literally wring, squeeze or press) By using either of these methods to form a resist to colour, the material is then painted or dipped into a dye or indigo bath. When the resist is untied, unfolded or unwaxed, an image is created which can be abstract, patterned or pictorial.

When using shibori, a 2D piece of material is transformed into a 3D form by using various methods such as stitching and gathering, binding, folding, twisting and clamping. The results after dyeing can be very unexpected and exciting. 

Cotton and silk, dyes and tools for batik and shibori will be provided.